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Off-Piste COaching

Leadership, Career & Team Coaching  



When did you last step away from juggling work, family, friends and endless video calls to plan your success?

As a certified executive coach, I partner with clients to offer the chance to escape and press “pause” to invest in you and your team’s success.

Coaching is working in partnership to maximise personal and professional development. It differs from mentoring, managing, counselling and "advice sharing". 

A coach is not there to "tell you what to do", "give you the answers" or "do the work for you", but instead, to give you a safe space to be challenged to define your own success and devise your own solutions.  If you have come up with the plan, the idea, and why it is important, your chances of success increase dramatically.

As an ICF certified coach, I adhere to the ICF code of ethics. I provide a safe confidential space, to invest in your success.

Why Off-Piste Coaching?

As an avid snowboarder who lived in the mountains in a former life, there is a unique feeling of adventure to go “off-piste” into untouched, unchartered territory and to escape the conventional, usual, or expected. I offer a chance to escape and challenge yourself.

I help people achieve the success they are capable of through a high impact coaching partnership.

Working together we could explore

  • What is REALLY important?

  • Where do you REALLY want to get to?

  • What REALLY makes you happy?

  • The story you REALLY want to tell, to achieve YOUR success.

and most importantly

  • The REAL steps you can take to make a change.


I work with top performers to help them achieve more.

I have led coaching programmes at the world's leading investment bank and coached individuals including strategic leaders, former special forces operatives and Olympic athletes, plus future stars in the start-up world.


  • Individuals on a 1:1 basis

  • Organisations who want to make impactful investment in their people, as part of a long-term partnership.


You bring the topic; you bring the goal. As a coach I have successfully worked with clients on:


  • Improving Performance  – You’ve nailed the day job now to "level up"

  • Mindset and Self-confidence -You’ve got this!

  • Goal setting to Goal getting – Exploration and accountability to achieve your dream 


  • "Get me out of here!" – Finding your dream new role, I’ve helped hire hundreds of people

  • Transitions - from Royal Marine to banker, to starting that new leadership role

  • Career changes - building the courage to try something different

  • Big life decisions - not always about “A or B”  

Working 9 - 5 (and the rest):

  • Navigating the corporate world – It’s complex, it's confusing, it's about people

  • Resilience and balance versus burn out – Zoomed out? Home schooling hell? No time for you? Take a breath


The real you:

  • Personal impact and branding - What do you want your story to be? You are the hero or heroine here

  • The big picture – What is REALLY important?

  • Get creative – Idea generation, visualisation, think differently; chanting not required!


Outdoor headshot 2023.jpg


Chief Product Officer, Health Tech

"Jon supported me as I looked to transition into a senior Product role.


Our coaching  covered much more than an immediate career change. I was able to create a road map for the key things I wanted to achieve.


My confidence increased dramatically, and I negotiated with my current CEO for both a pay rise and promotion to Chief Product Officer, which I achieved"

Senior UX Designer, Tier 1 Bank 

"Getting Jon as my career coach has been the best idea of my professional life.


Within 2 months of working together I upskilled professionally to the point where I exactly knew what’s really important to me for my career and how I can get there, resulting in a 100% success rate on all job applications I’ve pursued."

Head of Legal, Asset manager

My time with Jon as a career coach was transformative, to say the least.


I came to him at a crossroads, unsure about the direction I wanted to take my career.


Jon has an uncanny ability to cut through the noise, and his perceptive insights helped me realize the core values that drive my professional life.

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